Company Profile

United Ceramics and Building Materials Ltd. (“UNITED”) is a member of I GROUP LTD with business operations in the UAE, Afghanistan and Africa and engaged in the fields of automotive (vehicle sales, parts and service), electronics and consumer durables, office and IT equipment, police/military equipment and supplies, air cargo handling, freight forwarding and logistics, building materials and construction supplies, and courier service (FedEx).

United Ceramics and Building Materials Ltd. was established in 2004 and from then on, it has emerged as the leading distributor of various construction materials, tools and equipment in Afghanistan, providing expert advise and total building supply solutions support to its clients consisting of the biggest international and local contractors in the country.

UNITED’s strategic and integrated approach consists of:

  • Providing technical support and advise to its clients;
  • Anticipating clients’ future material needs and requirements based on previous orders and project requirements;
  • Making readily available to its clients ample stocks of materials and supplies for their projects.

As such, UNITED maintains warehouse facilities in Kabul where clients can readily pick up stocks in significant quantities.

After a contractor client has been awarded with a contract for a particular project, UNITED works closely with the client to assist in obtaining the necessary approvals for specific materials and products required for the construction project. This has enabled UNITED to have most of its products easily approved for various government, private and military construction projects.

During the course of construction, UNITED makes itself always available for consultation requests from the client related to materials and equipment needs of the project.